proof of universal support

I’ve decided to keep track of the synchronistic “WHOA” moments on this journey. Y’know… Those things that happen seemingly out of nowhere… The ones even I didn’t see coming. I’ll update it as frequently as possible.

  1. I was asked to lead a writing/story-sharing workshop at Kennesaw State University. Doing this felt more in-alignment than anything I’ve done in a long time.
  2. I was randomly given an opportunity to have my art on display in a financial advisor’s office for three months, after which there will be a gallery opening of my artwork! I received notification yesterday that he and his assistant love my work, and I’ll be dropping paintings off next week!
  3. I was randomly introduced to the owner of another gallery. (I need to follow up with her. This is me publicly calling myself on my shit. – 9/6/2017)
  4. I was randomly approached about doing a book signing for my book, imperfect. I was terrified and unprepared, and prevailed and did it anyway.
  5. A friend randomly gifted me by paying for my attendance to a Money Mindset workshop that has totally shifted my relationship with money and receptivity. (Thank you again!)
  6. Through a friend’s experience with a meetup app, I now suddenly have a close-knit set of girlfriends who accept me for me… For the first time ever. Like… I don’t pretend I’m any way aside from my snarky, loving, perfectionistic self. And these ladies want what’s best for me. WHAT.
  7. Out of nowhere, my brother made me a new computer. My other one kept locking up and I kept losing my work, so he MADE ME a new computer from scratch. It’s so fast that I felt stupid the first week I used it.
  8. A woman reached out to me who’d read a blog post I made a few months ago about my journey with Breast Implant Illness. She informed me that she had her surgery yesterday to have her implants removed and is already feeling better. (I didn’t know this woman before she read my blog; a friend connected us.)
  9. An amazing human randomly connected me with another amazing human who wants me to paint paintings for her whole house! It’s the biggest commissioned project I’ve ever had. ALSO, the woman who I am painting for? Is spiritual woo like me. We talked on the phone for over an hour.
  10. I’ve lost 15+ pounds without focusing on it, at all. Like… All the sudden my pants were too big. (I HAVE NEVER been able to say this before. My whole life up until recently was obsessed about my body image. Once I let that obsession go, the weight went with it.)

^^ As of September 6th, 2017.