Day 26 of 365: life is starting to feel like a field trip.

I mean sure, it’s short. It’s 22 pages and when it’s done it’ll be 10-15 pages. It’s for a short movie, which I feel is a good starting place. The full length screenplay (WHICH I WILL HAVE DONE BY OCTOBER 1ST THANKYAVERYMUCH) is being chipped away at each day.

I spent something like 10 hours writing today. So right now my eyes and back are both like “PLEASE NO MORE BRIGHT COMPUTER SCREEN AND OUCHY CHAIR). Here is a peek at the script, except zoomed out really far because I don’t discriminate against ants.


It felt good to finish it. I always have these ideas fully laid out in my brain land… And, in the past, they’ve rarely made it onto paper.

Although I know I have many more hours of work to do with this movie-not to mention the filming of it and all that jazz-I feel like I conquered the shit out of resistance today.

I also watched a bunch of 30 Rock. 30 Rock is my muse. The end.

So… The journey continues to surprise me. And I am at a place in my life where I don’t want to go to sleep because I’m enjoying my days too much.

Years ago, I didn’t want to wake up.


I did a yoga class this morning at 8:30AM because I’m crazy and awesome. Crazy awesome. And in it, I hit a burnout point. My chest muscles (still healing from surgery) were like, “HEY LADY. TAKE IT EASY.”

And so I did.

I divorced myself from this weird yearning (that used to plague me) to be the BEST IN THE CLASS. To PUSH myself to have PERFECT form.

As if anyone gives a shit.

Each day, I realize more and more how no one cares what I’m doing. And it is the single most freeing realization.

I sometimes worry that people don’t think I’m special or important. But now I’m seeing the truth in that, it’s awesome to experience. Like… I could streak through Publix screaming Spice Girls lyrics and everyone would still go about their day. They’d have a great story to tell friends, but that’s all I’d be: a story. Words. As told by their perception of me.

Pretty neat stuff. I’m starting to feel like life is a big field trip. And it’s a lot of fun.

My eyeballs are really dry (dryeballs?), so I’m going to post this lil’ entry.

jen doodle yay


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Sometimes I write about happy things. Other times I write about sad things. Either way, there will be doodles.

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