Day 21 of 365: “when the universe steps in” – a doodle (+ a special offer!)


HEY. SO. This is a rough draft taste of the doodle book I’m creating. And I want to give it away for free. I mean, not forever. Obvi.

For now I am offering an incentive to my current followers to assist me to the 1,000-follower mark. Once I have 1,000 subscribers, I’ll legitimately be at a place where I can shift into making a living with my writing and doodling.

The doodle book “STOP HOARDING PIGEONS (and other analogies to help navigate life)” will eventually be sold for $20. To my first 1,000 followers, it’ll be FREE NINETY NINE. (Translation: $0 American.)

What you can do for me is forward this doodle to friends. And, if they follow, they’ll get the e-book for free, too.

Help me help you help me help you.


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Sometimes I write about happy things. Other times I write about sad things. Either way, there will be doodles.

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